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Lucy Shennan CSTA Craniosacral Therapy

Reconnect to your calm


About me

I have always been interested in health and what it means to be healthy. From a young age I was drawn to what lies beneath, what makes us the people we are and essentially the true meaning of life.

My career in health care began in the early 1990s, working as a health care assistant on a neurological ward. I then moved into the world of complementary health care, training in massage, reflexology and reiki before moving back into the NHS and training as a nurse in 1998.  In 2004 I began training to be a health visitor and still work part time as a health visitor today. Although challenging at times I have always found working in health care to be a privilege and a honour, connecting with and helping people through their own diverse and often difficult experiences.


My own experience of receiving craniosacral therapy is what led me to practising it myself. Having exhausted a range of allopathic and complementary health care options it was this gentle yet profound treatment that began to address my own debilitating neck condition. Over time I began to realise that this was an issue arising from held emotions and tension patterns within my body, most of which were completely unconscious.  As my neck pain gradually began to release so began my journey of fascination with the root causes of illness, disease and discontent.  

These patterns of holding tension are a common human experience and because they are often unconscious this can make them difficult to address and treat. They are generally patterns we've had since childhood, which can also make them deeply engrained. Craniosacral therapy can help us wake up to those parts of ourselves, enabling us to notice and recognise old patterns and helping us to come back to who we truly are.  

I am also currently studying VortexHealing®, a powerful form of energy healing which strives to release us from a deep experience of separation to one of wholeness and freedom.  

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What is craniosacral therapy?

  Craniosacral therapy is a powerful yet gentle way of connecting with the whole person, physically, emotionally and energetically.  It is a hands on healing approach, although can also work at a distance, and is suitable for anyone, from babies through to old age. It is also a very safe and nurturing treatment for pregnant women.The practitioner is essentially creating a safe place for a person's system to relax and thereby show the practitioner any areas of tension or holding. Simply by being there and "listening" to a client's system, these tensions can feel heard and begin to soften. This can have a profound effect on how a person feels on all levels.​ Anatomically the craniosacral system is made up of the membrane system, the bones of the cranium and sacrum, the cerebral spinal fluid and the fascia. The nervous system is also hugely relevant. These structures are the dense representation of our inner lives and their qualities are a result of everything that we have been exposed to since conception. Stress, restrictions and disease can inhibit the free flow of energy and vitality within all of these tissues of the body, thereby adversely affecting the overall health of a person.​ But there is much more to the craniosacral system than just these physical structures. Our physical bodies do not exist in isolation and are not fixed. We are energetic beings that are constantly moving and developing in an ever changing universe. Our life experiences, our thoughts, our emotions, our environments and interactions are all a part of this.  As a craniosacral therapist it is this with which I am engaging. Essentially craniosacral therapy encourages the body to increase its own healing ability, leading to improved vitality and health. It is a powerful antidote to modern life and essentially brings us back down to earth and back to ourselves.


The treatment is carried out lying down and fully clothed. I use a light touch at different points on the body, often under the spine,  and at the head. It takes place in a peaceful environment and is generally experienced as relaxing, creating a sense of well being and calm. 


The first treatment involves taking a full health history and exploring the reasons for wanting treatment.

The benefits of craniosacral therapy can be felt after one session but further sessions can have a profound accumulative effect, as the deeper levels of tensions in the body can then be addressed.

The session will always be led by the client's comfort, positions on the couch can be adapted accordingly, and I will always check in to make sure you are feeling comfortable.

People who are drawn to craniosacral therapy come with a far-reaching range of symptoms including: 



Neck pain


Back pain

Chronic pain


TMJ conditions


Menstrual issues

Chronic fatigue


Effects from the treatment can relieve a general sense of malaise, low energy and low mood.

Craniosacral therapy can also be a valuable support following physical or emotional trauma, surgery or any major life changes that can jolt us or make us feel unbalanced. It can help us to feel grounded and more able to fulfil our true potential.

 Illnesses will often have their roots in emotional tensions, which can, over time, manifest as physical ailments.  By connecting deeply to a person’s energy field, craniosacral therapy can start to address these tensions, leading to a release from physical or emotional difficulties.

Pricing: First treatment £50

      Follow up  £45

Babies and Children

In an ideal world, every baby born would receive craniosacral therapy straight after birth. Even without intervention the birth process can be traumatic for babies, causing compressions and tightness in their bodies which may have long lasting effects. Symptoms such as feeding difficulties, excessive crying, digestive issues and poor sleep can all be a result of birth stress and don't have to be seen as normal for babies. As with adults craniosacral therapy can help ease these compressions, enabling babies to become more settled and more able to fulfil their potential. They usually respond quickly to treatment and often only need 1-3 sessions.​


Craniosacral therapy can also be very beneficial for children as they grow and develop, supporting their ever changing milestones and helping them recover quickly from a range of childhood illnesses or falls.


​ Life for teenagers can be troublesome at times. The navigation of hormones, screen use, studies and friendships can be tricky. Craniosacral therapy can help discharge some of that stress whilst honouring their changing bodies and developing brains,  supporting them to flourish and follow their own path.


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